Blog guest appearances!

We have been lucky enough in the last 7 days to have featured in 2 blog posts! The first is by Cassie Young Events, where I was asked to write a piece on hair and makeup trends of the 1920's and how it transpires to the modern day. This was picked up by Cassie via [...]

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I’m loving…

Wow where does the time go? You blink and miss it! As its cold and miserable outside I thought I'd give you a list of the things we are LOVING right now! Gelish Love in Bloom Beautiful range of vibrant colours based on flowers, fun, bright, and certainly cheery! Body Shop Face and Body Brush [...]

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Tip of the week

No this isn't a new weekly blog that I am going to post, merely a fab tip that we learnt this week that should be shared! Whilst working with the fab company Short Cuts Hair on Tuesday producing some great images for their site, I was asked to muck in and blow dry the model's [...]

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Just want to share this new year gem with you

Happy New Year 2013 to all that follow the Flame blog! 2012 was pretty spectacular for us and we are hoping that 2013 exceeds all expectation!  How many of you have made new years resolutions and broken them already??! Just wanted to share with you this little gem of a company that Flame Beauty had [...]

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Soho Drag Star

So Saturday night took a new twist and turn of events.  I had wanted to learn some extreme makeup techniques for a while and whilst browsing on Ilamasqua's website, I came across the Drag Star Super Hero workshop, and promptly signed up! My sister and I travelled up to Soho for the 7pm start not really knowing [...]

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Media Daaahhhhling

I am writing this post to you currently laid up with the dreaded tonsillitis. Although it feels as though I am swallowing twigs, I still have a smile on my face, as I had the most amazing start to the week. I am lucky enough to have a close relative (my brother!) working in television, [...]

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Look Good Feel Better….

Today I want to share with you my recent experiences with the most fantastic charitable organisation that I have come across in the beauty industry. I first heard about Look Good Feel Better whilst in my old banking role, and I was instantly interested and intrigued to find out more.  LGFB helps women cancer patients [...]

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Little bursts of colour

Howdy Flame Followers!  It's been a while, but that's because I have been deciding how to take this blog forward without boring you all with the trials and tribulations of a new start-up beauty business!   I have decided that the blog will take on a new flavour, each post I will be telling you [...]

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Sinking in papers but yet diving in makeup

Wow! Where does the time go? I am rubbish at this blogging lark but like to keep you informed of what has been going on at Flame Beauty towers! So after a lovely restful break in Portugal, it was back to the grind. I have decided to investigate the world of craft fairs, so at [...]

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Diamond Jubilee, flip flops and weddings!

Well yet again it has been a very busy few weeks in Flame Beauty world. We managed to have a little rest over the Jubilee weekend and enjoy the festivities, we didn't rate Cheryl or Cliff but loved Gary and Robbie! We were also liking Jessie J and her style, she rocks! For 6 shifts [...]

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