Howdy Flame Followers!  It’s been a while, but that’s because I have been deciding how to take this blog forward without boring you all with the trials and tribulations of a new start-up beauty business!


I have decided that the blog will take on a new flavour, each post I will be telling you about something in the industry which has really ‘captured’ me.  It may be an organisation, a product, a person or something completely random, but it will have a meaning to Flame and I want to share it with you all.


Last Tuesday I went to Harvey Nichols, London with Flame’s Lauren for a girly night.  After a very tasty non alcoholic cocktail at the 5th floor Champagne Bar, we headed downstairs to the beauty counters.


Now I have been a fan of Laura Mercier cosmetics since I undertook my makeup training and so far they have failed to disappoint.  I have always been a big fan of MAC and Nars lipsticks but wanted to enter the world of Laura Mercier lip colour.


The chap behind the counter was very informative and had me completely sold.  I tried the creme lipcolour in Roman Moon, a coral-red colour to suit my olive skin and dark hair.  The bio about the creme lipstick from their website is

‘Laura Mercier Crème Lip Colour delivers ultra-rich colour in an irresistibly lightweight formula. Its unique blend of moisturizing, anti-aging, anti-oxidant and plumping ingredients enhance the lips leaving a smoother, healthier appearance. One swipe of colour provides hydration and prevents moisture loss ensuring fresh and flawless lips. (Laura Mercier Website Nov 2012)

He told me that each time you press together, little bubble of colour are burst, and that the pigment refreshes on your lips.  I have to admit I was sceptical, but went with it anyway and £18.50 later found myself the proud new owner of Roman Moon, much to Lauren’s envy who had me putting the new lip colour on her on the tube!


3 days later and I am hooked.  There is no gimic, this lipstick does exactly what it says!  I only have to reapply once during the day, and the colour stays vibrant and intense, leaving my lips feeling ultra moisturised and sheer.


So if you are thinking of purchasing a new lip colour for the party season, this is a must have addition, and if Roman Moon isn’t quite your colour, they have lots to choose from, money well spent!