I am writing this post to you currently laid up with the dreaded tonsillitis. Although it feels as though I am swallowing twigs, I still have a smile on my face, as I had the most amazing start to the week.

I am lucky enough to have a close relative (my brother!) working in television, none other than ITV. I had been asking him for a while whether or not it was possible for me to go along and shadow the makeup team for a day to watch how makeup in the media is done. And my wish came true this Tuesday!

I was lucky enough to spend the day working with the makeup ladies for ITV’s Loose Women. Not only had my brother managed to fulfil my request, but he also got me live TV for which I cannot thank him enough.

I arrived at 9.30 am to meet the team and straight away work begins. 2 of the ‘Loose Women’ ladies came straight in to makeup and the ladies began work. It was refreshing and reassuring to know that the techniques the ladies used were the same as those that I follow from my training. I was interested to see the tone of colour that is applied for television to ensure that the products show up on camera. These ladies have to work quickly but effectively, as they also undertake hair styling and are against the clock.

The next 2 Loose Women came in to have their hair and makeup done and the pattern followed. After all 4 ladies were done, it was now time for the show’s guests, 2 male TV personalities. This was fantastic for me, as having done male makeup before, I wanted to see how to reduce shine and ensure they still looked natural. We discussed various anti-shine products and powder applicators to achieve the desired look.

This took us to 12.30pm when the show aired. Just before the cameras start rolling, the makeup ladies go on set and do last minute touch-up’s. It was fascinating watching this from the wings and observing studio etiquette. During every ad break the ladies pop on set to reapply lipstick and powder if required.

That is until there is a live snake in the studio! One of the makeup ladies had left for the day and the second has a phobia of snakes, so during the third ad break it was my job to go on set, and ended up being lightly brushed by a Python in the process!

At 1.30pm my day was complete. I had learnt lots, swapped product and application tips, and generally had a fantastic day. I cannot thank the team enough for allowing me to have full access with them.

And of course, my day would not have been as fab as it turned out if I was not sitting a foot away from Peter Andre and Olly Murs whilst drinking my cup of tea, Olly Murs all the way in my opinion!

Until next time……