So as you may be aware bridal makeup and hair is my area of expertise and accounts for 99% of my makeup bookings year on year.  I am however a trained makeup artist, not just a bridal stylist and can do a full range of different makeup looks to suit different occasions.

I love a selfie, the kind where you are on your way out, with friends, loved ones, your animals etc etc but I hate taking selfies for selfie sake and to just ask for attention and compliments, it seriously makes me cringe….

So this post is possibly the most self indulgent I have ever written to date, and the reason? I wanted to show you a before and after look of myself based on a glamour/party makeup style, even if it is a rainy Sunday and I am sitting here in my tracksuit.  I am also going to be lovely and give you a step by step guide of the products I have used to achieve it.  Come on, this is good stuff seeing as I usually charge £35 an hour for a makeup lesson….

All of the following images have been taken in natural light, and have had no adjustments at all, no photoshop, no Instagram filters, nothing!  The final image I have photoshopped to show you the difference between reality and an edited image.

So first up is my before image…please bear in mind that I am currently getting over sinusitis and am on antibiotics so look a little worse for wear!

And after…..

Now to compare the two..

The light had dipped slightly in the after image due to the dreary weather!

Here is how I achieved this look

1. Cleansed my skin using Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish and moisturised it using Steamcream moisturiser.

2. I used Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow all over my face as a primer. It reflects light and gives your skin a pick me up, a must have in any makeup bag IMO.

3. Next up I used MAC Face and Body Foundation all over my skin, paying particular attention to any areas that needed extra coverage.

4. Got rid of those awful dark circles by using Illamsqua Skin Lift concealer and applied using a concealer brush.

5. Next I used a cream blusher by Diane Von Furstenburg in an orange/peach shade and blended it in.

6. I completed my facial contour using NARS multiple in St Barts and K Beauty Highlighter.

7. MAC Blot Powder was added to my skin to set the creamy makeup in place.

8. Bobbi Brown Bronzer was applied to my face in a figure of 8 plus NARS Orgasm blusher.


9. I pencilled my brows in using Anastacia Beverly Hills brow wiz in shade soft brown.

10. Using my Urban Decay Naked 2 palette I applied shades foxy, tease, snakebite, busted and blackout and blended them in.  I used the lightest shade nearest my nose and blended it out in to the darker shades to create a smoky eye effect. I then added Urban Decay green shimmer in shade Zodiac to add some effect to the shadow.

11. I lined my upper eyelid with Illamasqua Gel Liner in Black.

12. I then applied a really cheap pair of lashes that I picked up from MUA in Superdrug, but I have to say I really liked them! In style Vixen 🙂

13. I applied my favourite mascara, Chanel le Volume in black to my lashes and the false lashes to blend them together.

14. Next I lined my lower lash line with a black RimmeL eyeliner pencil and blended in out.  I also used this on my waterline to completely line my eyes.  Over the black line under my lash line at he outer corner of my eyes I applied a small amount of Urban Decay in Zodiac to frame the eye.

15. Last step, my current favourites MAC lipstick in shade Ravishing was applied all over moisturised lips.

So despite the fact that I look knackered, and I totally need to start using anti ageing products on my forehead (those pesky lines!!), not too bad for a lazy Sunday afternoon!

Here are some more images in a slightly different light, again no adjustments!

And now for the photoshopped version.  Here I have got rid of my forehead lines and any imperfections in my skin texture.  I have also erased my hair line around my brows.