No this isn’t a new weekly blog that I am going to post, merely a fab tip that we learnt this week that should be shared!

Whilst working with the fab company Short Cuts Hair on Tuesday producing some great images for their site, I was asked to muck in and blow dry the model’s hair.  Now I can blow dry hair like anyone can, but I was asked to wrap blow dry……

Using my initiative, I thought this meant using a round vented brush to wrap the hair around it and create a nice sleek blowdry.  Little did I know it meant something entirely different!

A wrap blow dry is very simple – wrapping the hair to the scalp by brushing in a different direction to the hair growth with a paddled or flat vented brush to effectively use the head as the mould to dry the hair.  This picture gives you an idea

blow dry

Once the hair is almost dry, you brush it in the direction of growth whilst using the hair dryer.  This style of blow drying was used by the late Vidal Sassoon who favoured it as it gives a more natural finish and shape to the hair.

Any more snippets of trade secrets that come my way I will aim to share with you!

Bye for now xxx