Flame Beauty – Booking Terms & Conditions

Booking Fees

When booking the bridal trial, Flame Beauty (the ‘Artist’) will reserve the date and time for the Client’s wedding upon the receipt of the Initial Booking Fee from the Client at the rate of 25% of the Total Price, as a NON REFUNDABLE BOOKING FEE toward the agreed services to be provided at the agreed Total Price stated.

A further booking fee (the Trial Booking Fee) of 25% of the total price will be payable by the Client on the date that the Wedding Trial takes place. However, if the Client decides within 48 hours after the Wedding Trial date that the services of the Artist are no longer required, then the cost of the Wedding Trial will be deducted from the total of the Initial Booking Fee and the Further Booking Fee and any balance returned to the Client. If the Client decides that the services of the Artist are no longer required more than 48 hours after the Wedding Trial has taken place, then the total of both the Initial Booking Fee and Trial Booking Fee will be retained by the Artist as Non Refundable Booking Fees.

Balance of Total Price

The remaining balance of the Total Price will be due and payable on the day of the wedding. Payments will be taken in cash, by BACS TRANSFER or PAYPAL. BACS or PAYPAL transfers to be made in the week prior to the wedding.

Changes to the Booking

If it is necessary for the Client to change or reschedule the wedding to a different date or time and the Client provides a minimum of 60 days notice of a revised date or time, then the Artist will apply the Initial Booking Fee to the new date or time subject to availability. In the event that the Artist is unavailable, an alternative artist will be offered subject to availability in line with these terms.

The Client understands, acknowledges and agrees that if the wedding is cancelled or insufficient notice is given for any change to the date or time, then the Initial Booking Fee and where applicable, the Trial Booking Fee are Non Refundable, and shall be forfeited.

If the Client should cancel the booking within 14 days prior to the wedding date the Client agrees that the balance will become due, payable within 7 days of cancellation. If the Client should cancel the booking within 4 weeks to 14 days of the wedding date, the Client agrees that 50% of the balance is due within 7 days of cancellation.

In the event that the Client may need to amend any of the above Booking Details, the Client agrees to urgently communicate these changes to the Artist by phone or e-mail. The Client understands that no amendments will be considered until written confirmation (e-mail is acceptable) has been received.

The Artist hereby commits to making all reasonable endeavours to accommodate any such changes to Booking Details however, as a direct consequence of such changes, should the Artist find, at its sole discretion, that it is unable to provide the services, the Client agrees that this will constitute a cancellation on the part of the Client.

If there are any changes to the numbers in the booking, the Client agrees to inform the Artist as soon as possible. If the numbers in the party decrease within 14 days prior to the wedding date, the Client understands that they will still be charged for the original numbers. Those persons who are included in this contract are guaranteed services and, if time allows, additional clients can be added, on or before the wedding date for additional fees. Additional services on the wedding date are to be paid in the form of cash.


The Artist reserves the right to cancel this agreement at any time if circumstances arise between the Artist and the Client, which cannot be amicably resolved. Unacceptable behaviour, either verbal or physical towards any employee or freelancer operating for the Artist will not be tolerated.

Under the above circumstances the Initial Booking Fee and where applicable the Trial Booking Fee become non refundable and shall be forfeited.

In the unlikely event of any cancellation by the Artist, the Artist agrees to make every effort to find a suitable replacement artist at the earliest opportunity. This artist would be passed your booking details along with all details from your trial appointment.

In extreme circumstances where the Artist is unable to honour the booking (e.g. due to accident, severe illness, inclement weather or caused by events reasonably deemed beyond control of the Artist), responsibility and liability is limited to the return of booking fee, plus all other monies paid to date, via BACS within 14 days.

Provision of Materials

If the Client wants their own make-up to be used, the Client understands that they hold full responsibility for providing the Artist with the required make-up and materials on site.

Consultation (the “Wedding Trial”)

The Artist cannot guarantee or be held accountable for any allergic reactions, or any complications from the make-up or the application if a prior consultation (Trial) was not performed.

All persons receiving make-up application are urged to book a consultation (Trial) prior to the event to determine colour choices. In the event that this is not possible, the Client automatically agrees to the colour choices selected by the Artist on the day of the event.

Infection Control

The Artist reserves the right to adhere at all times to UK Government guidelines in regards to infection control measures relating specifically to COVID 19, and also any future and existing pandemic scenarios, including business closures, social distancing guidelines and the wearing of PPE equipment by both the Artist and the Client if necessary. The Artist also has the right to advise on the number of people who can be present at any one time when undertaking any services, in line with UK Government regulations or advice, and in line with the requirements of the Artist’s insurers.

The Artist will require completion of a Health Declaration Form by the Client for both the consultation (Trial) and wedding day to ensure that the Client and any other associated parties are not displaying symptoms of any illness prior to attendance. If upon arrival the Artist suspects symptoms of illness, or upon checking, a temperature is found, the Artist will refuse to provide services in line with Government Guidelines and no refunds will be given under any circumstances.

In the event that the UK Government allow small wedding ceremonies to commence whilst any social distancing measures are still in place, the Artist will only be able to provide hair and makeup services in the event that gatherings of more than 20 guests are permitted. The Artist will adhere to both UK Government guidelines, plus International guidelines regarding freedom of movement and local infection control measures, wearing of PPE and social distancing guidelines depending on the relevant jurisdiction where destination wedding bookings are concerned.

Additional Information

Travel Charges – 10 miles of travel is included in the listed prices. Journeys over 10 miles from the Artists home address will be charged at 65p per mile each way. £25 premium for non working days (Sunday/Monday and Bank Holidays).

Any additional costs, e.g. congestion charge, parking, etc. will be added to the final invoice. Bridal consultations with Hayley are only available Tuesday daytimes, Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons due to commitments with booked weddings and subject to availability. If a wedding is booked that requires the Artist to travel over 2 hours each way, then accommodation may be required at the expense of the bride and will be added to the final invoice as well as any associated expenses.