In these times of uncertainty it’s important that we all do all that we can to minimise the risk of transmission of Covid-19. As such, there is a set of rules/protocol that will need to be followed for the foreseeable future. Please keep checking back as this list is likely to change.

– No appointments can take place without the health declaration form being returned, and accurately and truthfully completed prior to your appointment. If any of our team suspect symptoms of COVID 19 upon arrival they will refuse to treat you and leave.
– Please notify us if you, or someone in your household is showing ANY symptoms of illness prior to your appointment. Please also advise if anyone is isolating as we will not be able to attend.
– If you or anyone you live with are shielded then I will need to discuss with you any appointments due to take place.
– I will need to take your temperature upon arrival for your appointment. If there is evidence of a temperature we will have to rearrange your appointment. If evidence of a temperature is found and it is your wedding day then i am afraid hair and makeup can not be done. No refund will be given.
– Please thoroughly clean and sanitise the room that I will be working in prior to my arrival
– Upon arrival, please ensure that all internal doors are left open to minimise touching of surfaces. The room where the treatment is taking place must be well ventilated with windows open.
– We will be wearing full PPE in the form of a visor and mask, plus other protective equipment deemed suitable for your specific treatment. We ask that you wear a mask at all times, only to be removed if required to do so for your treatment. You must supply your own mask.
– Both client and staff member to use hand sanitiser prior to your appointment taking place.
– No children aged 13 and under are to be present at the appointment.
– Only one client in the room at any one time please.
– I will bring my own drink, please do not be offended if I don’t accept one
– Cash payments to be pre prepared in an envelope please.
– I will ask you to dispose of any waste materials used on your self for your appointment in your own bin to prevent cross contamination with me travelling between different homes.
– Treatment times may vary due to reworking of processes/cleaning/sanitisation. Thank you for your patience.
– These guidelines are subject to review and change in line with emerging guidance from Public Health England.