So, yesterday I got up at 6, ate my muesli and banana and embarked upon my latest challenge, the 2012 London Marathon for the British Heart Foundation!

And what a fantastic day it was, so many wonderful supporters enroute to cheer us runners along and motivate us to get to that finishing line which is no mean feat! I did it in 5 hours and 56 minutes which I am over the moon about, and I raised nearly £2500 for the British Heart Foundation.

Today however I am like a geriatric, I literally am not mobile. I have 3 bruised toe nails and 2 blisters on my foot, and my hips are in agony! So worth it for the cause though.

So I treated myself this morning to my favourite treatment, the aromatherapy massage at my local spa. It was lovely to be pampered myself for a change and it was so nice I fell asleep!

Now the marathon is out of the way it is back to business. Another course this week to add another treatment to my growing menu. I will update you later in the week!